Basic Phones

Basic Phones

Nearly every basic (flip) phone has Internet access. Additionally there is no way to turn off that Internet access since they have WiFi and can connect at any free WiFi location e.g. libraries, Starbucks, etc.

TAG recommends only the following 4G phones that can be permanently blocked to allow phone and texting:

Tracfone Phones


AT&T/T-Mobile Phones

  • Alcatel Go Flip (4044) discontinued
    • Models: 4044C, 4044L, 4044N, 4044O, 4044V, 4044W
  • Alcatel Smartflip/Go Flip 3 (4052)
    • Models: 4052C, 4052R, 4052W, 4052Z
  • Coolpad Snap (3311A)
  • LG Wine LTE (UN220) discontinued
  • Nokia 6300 (TA-1324)
  • NUU 4FL (S2801L)
  • Schok Classic

Verizon Phones

  • Alcatel Go Flip V (4051s)
  • Kazuna eTalk (F109 and F119)
  • Kyocera Cadence (S2720) discontinued
  • Kyocera DuraXV (E4610) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • Kyocera DuraXV Extreme (E4810) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • LG Exalt LTE (VN220) discontinued
  • Nokia 2720 V
  • NUU 4FL (S2801L)
  • Orbic Journey V
  • Schok Classic

Sprint Phones

  • Alcatel Go Flip (4044T) discontinued
  • Alcatel Smartflip/Go Flip 3 (4052W)

TAG also sells kosher phones, the full list of available models is here.