Do I need to schedule an appointment?
Yes, we are appointment only in order to better service customers.

How long does it take to set up a filter?
Install and configuration varies with device and operating system version. Most installs take 20-30 minutes.

Does TAG sell kosher phones/devices?
Yes, please see the options available for phones without Internet here.

What basic phones does TAG recommend?
Almost any basic phone still has an Internet browser and other apps.  If it is 4G, then it also has WiFi meaning it can always use the Internet even if the  data is blocked by the carrier.

The list of recommended basic phones that TAG can reliably remove the Internet capabilities from is here.

What smartphones does TAG recommend?
TAG does not recommend smartphones. But if you do need one, Samsung and iPhones are the most compatible with filters. If you have a different type of smartphone, the filters will still work but you might spend more time with filter support in the long run.