TAG Recommended Filters

Filters that are recommend by TAG offer the following features:

  • Content filtering – use proprietary software to preview the content (words) and images in real time.
  • Image filtering – can examine the images and decide if it is appropriate based on your settings.
  • Skin tone shading– optionally allows certain images, with the skin tone shaded out, to enable viewing the rest of the image.
  • Remote management– all filter adjustments are done on their servers.   No need to take time to come to the TAG office to adjust settings.
  • Safe search – filters the actual search results so inappropriate content does not show up.
  • Dedicated support – phone and email support, including after hours, directly from the filter companies.
  • Security – no record of searches or web pages visited, so all your personal information remains private.
  • Uninstall protection – prevents unauthorized removal of the filter.