Windows (laptops and computers)

Features NativUSA GenTech Techloq NetSpark
Price $140/year or $14/month (Includes 2 computers) $140/year or $13/month $9.50/month or $100/year
$99/year or $9.50/month
Discounts None 15% for 3 or more devices None 15% for 2 or more devices
Remote Management (settings can be adjusted from anywhere) YES YES YES YES
Category Filtering (filters websites based on categories) YES YES YES YES
Content Filtering (actively scans websites in real time) YES YES YES YES
Image Filtering (scans images in real time) YES YES YES YES
Time Control (Turn off data on a schedule) NO YES YES YES
Pre-Koshered Websites (websites pre-cleaned) YES NO NO NO
Password Protected Internet (need password to even use the internet) YES (all browsing is blocked until password is entered) No NO NO
YouTube Filtering NO (YouTube is monitored) YES (YouTube is still NOT recommended) YES (YouTube is still NOT recommended) YES (YouTube is still NOT recommended)
Skin-tone Shading (fills in the various shades of skin with other colors) YES YES YES NO

Q. How come a couple of years ago the filters were free?

A. A few years ago we did not have reliable filters. Now we do. Products used in the past did not actually filter the internet. Some tried to limit categories of websites, relying on massive lists of “clean” websites. Any website was fully accessible – regardless of content. So when a website like Amazon was available, the entire website was available, including images and content that were inappropriate. The filters TAG installs operate like a water filter. A water filter gives you the water and filters out the harmful items. So too, you get the websites and the harmful items get filtered out.

Q. I had K9 in the past. What’s wrong with K9?

A. K9 is a good product with significant flaws. K9 works by categories, but doesn’t actually filter the internet. If a category or website is available, it is fully available regardless of what content it contains. So again when a website like Amazon is available, the entire website is available including images and content that are wholly inappropriate.   K9’s flaws are also well known, and easily exploited.  Finally K9 is no longer being updated.

Q. What is the difference between Techloq, GenTech, and Nativ USA?

A. There are a few differences.

  1. Techloq is the cheapest.  NativUSA has different pricing tiers. A cheaper option that allows up to 100 websites for $9.50 per month or $95 per year via a whitelist.   If you need more than 100 websites, price is $14 per month or $140 per year for unlimited sites.   GenTech is $38.95 every 3 months or $140 per year for all the websites that you need.
  2. NativUSA also gives you 2 licenses. Meaning you can filter two different computers, as well as 2 entirely different settings.
  3. Techloq and GenTech can filter YouTube.  NativUSA offers monitored YouTube. All videos are reviewed within 4-8 hours. This allows for better management of “senseless” usage. Of course, all inappropriate content is blocked immediately. Videos on a different site, that are hosted by YouTube can be allowed.
  4. Nativ USA image filtering seems to be more accurate at image recognition. They also offers the ability to add individual images or just one page of images, when you don’t want the full site with unfiltered images. GenTech can remove the image filtering from complete websites.
  5. Nativ USA has an optional feature that gives you access to only pre-koshered (manually cleaned) websites. Meaning that you will only get 100% kosher websites. They have a master list of more than 30,000 pre-koshered (manually cleaned) websites. With an option to have other websites cleaned as well.
  6. Nativ USA has a 30 trial period prior to actually paying for anything. Techloq and GenTech has a 30 day money back guarantee.
  7. GenTech has a large tech support department, as well as long support hours. 5a to 8:30p. NativUSA is available til 4p.

Q. Which one should I choose?

A.That depends on you and your device. The following questions are designed to guide you.

  1. How many computers do you need to get filtered?  If it’s more than 1, NativUSA will be cheaper.
  2. How old is your computer? If it’s more than  3 years old, GenTech will probably run more smoothly.
  3. Do you require YouTube?  GenTech has 5 levels. NativUSA has a monitored YouTube option but it is not filtered.
  4. Do you usually go to the same websites all the time? NativUSA whitelist may work for you.
  5. Do you might need significant customer support? Consider GenTech